Posted by: mbtrotter | November 30, 2010

What do you “meme” journalists are on the Internet?

If there’s one aspect of online pop culture you can’t ignore, it’s Internet memes. Really, you can’t ignore them; they creep into your brain and take over all your thoughts. Don’t believe it? How many people do you know have ever abused English to the point of saying, “OM NOM NOM NOM. OH HAI. I eated ur foodz.”

By the way, lolcats are No. 1 on this list of Top 10 Internet Memes.

It seems being the focus of an Internet meme is a sure-fire way to be immortalized in pop culture. And now it’s journalists’ turn.

OK, so those are really 404 error pages, but they sure could pass for memes. They’re from Storify, a website that helps news organizations build stories from social media posts. Each one hilariously represents the failure to find a requested page with a famous journalistic failure: Dewey defeats Truman, Stephen Glass, Jayson Blair, Janet Cooke or Judith Miller. (Those are all I came up with after refreshing the page for several minutes.)

They may not be as popular as Rickrolling or Sparta, but journalists are now represented among the inane pop culture trends morphed by the Internet.


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