Posted by: mbtrotter | January 13, 2011

Hello? The media?!

The title of this post perfectly sums up some of the current attitudes toward mass media, and it’s an actual line from the pilot episode of Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers has to be in a small market. Why else would only one TV station show up to cover a serious report of a restaurant using human remains? And “Cannibal or Can-o Bull?” would never fly in a bigger city; it would be way more generic and boring, like “Burger Meat Investigation.”

Anyway, in an age of instant information online, including restaurant inspection reports, many still see contacting traditional media outlets as their best bet for getting the biggest audience possible. And the media, whoever they are, magically show up.

It’s funny, isn’t it? This interdependence? Anyone can publish on the Internet, but despite all the buzz about SEO and long tails, the goal is still to get your story picked up by old school media outlets. At the same time, news organizations are increasing their use of technology — to get news tips. Got a news tip? Email it. Text it. Use a smartphone app.

Traditional media may be declining, but people still rely on it. As this relationship with technology grows, will tech ever replace TV and print outlets, or will one merely complement the other?

All video in this post is the copyrighted material of 20th Century Fox Television and was purchased by the author for not-for-profit use.


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