Posted by: mbtrotter | February 8, 2011

Journalism Gets a Super Bowl Commercial.

A lot of people watched Super Bowl XLV Sunday night, and advertisers paid a lot for those eyes to see their commercials.

In a Super Bowl commercial first, journalism the iPad was the focus of one ad.

The commercial didn’t really make an impression on viewers; it’s nowhere to be found in USA Today’s Ad Meter rankings. Online, it got a reaction from Apple fanboys and girls and digital content–minded websites that were already acquainted with The Daily because of its bugs.

But from the commercial, it’s clear that Rupert Murdoch isn’t trying to sell the world’s first tablet — read: iPad — newspaper based on the quality of journalism, which he actually has. Murdoch’s trying to sell it based on what the device is capable of. A device that less than 5 percent of Americans would own if all 15 million were sold in the United States. In the end, Murdoch spent $1 to $2 per potential subscriber for that commercial.

Was the motivation for the ad to sell The Daily? To sell the iPad? Or to sell both?

Journalism finally got a Super Bowl commercial, and it showed us journalism is more about technology, novelty and digital wizardry than quality. Ouch.


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